“When I dig up graves and bring you out as my peoplE,
you’ll realize that I am God.
I’ll breathe my life into you and you’ll live.”
Ezekiel 37:13 MSG 

Breakout Sessions

Saturday, March 20th, 9:30 AM

Feed Your Soul

Healthy Mind | Katie Schrankel
As a man thinks, so he is (Proverbs 23:7)

We know the days are evil, we are living in the threshold of this 3rd Great Awakening. Through this session we will discover the unique function of the creation of the mind and how we can tear down strongholds through the word of God. We will take a look at a warrior in the Old Testament who saw things from a different perspective than others; Caleb was not afraid of the giants in the land and took back what the enemy had stolen. What is it time for you to take back? Are we transformed by the renewing of our mind?  
Healthy Will | Jen Slater

We’ve all heard about the “strong-willed person. Perhaps you or someone you love has been given that name. Some others may say that their wills are weak and that they give in because of no will power. Either way, we all wrestle with this part of our souls. The role of the will is to choose. But, choice, the effort of a decision can be so exhausting. 

The truth is, free-will is a beautiful gift from our Heavenly Father. In this breakout session we will look at the function of the will. We will uncover the power of a strong will that is infused with the Holy Spirit. God designed us to live our daily lives strong, confident, and free, with a will that is motivated by our true love for God!

Healthy Emotions | Abby Lazar
God created men and women with beautiful intentions.  As women, He has designed us to be emotional beings. This is not a mistake! These emotions are a deliberate part of His design. Emotions are not the enemy, but when we are led by them is when it can become dangerous. Let’s talk about how we can embrace our God given emotions while being led by the Spirit.

Saturday, March 20th, 10:30 AM

Love Your Body

Love Your Body | Liza Temple

What does it mean to love your body?   In. world filled with trends of self-care and body positivity it can be distracting (and frustrating) as we navigate this topic.  We are going to take some time to see what God has to say about your physical body and also the body of Christ. 


Stability for Life | Dawn Myers
Do you long for stability in your life? Does your life feel out of control at times? As women of God, we are to live with stability! Our circumstances may not always be ideal, but we CAN live with structure and grace present in everyday life! God wants us to be stable and live confident! Learn some keys to bring stability into YOUR life!

Special Sessions

{breathe} A Soaking Session for Your Soul
During this 35 minute soaking session, we will set aside the distractions of life to pause and be present with God and our own hearts. This session will include a time of worship, the word, and quiet, personal reflection. This is where we practice the art of breathing in the grace of God and exhaling the cares of this world. Bring your bible and a journal and join us as we create space for God to have our affection and attention. Come as you are and find rest.
 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” – Matt 11:28


Women of Influence|Leadership Add-On

Friday, 3/19 at 2pm

This session is designed for women that desire to be intentional with the influence of their lives.

Influence & Leadership

The add-on will include two sessions plus prayer and ministry time. Whether you are a mom, a college student, retired,  or currently serve in a leadership role you have influence. This session is an opportunity to gain practical knowledge and tools as well as be encouraged and refreshed.

2 pm | Self -Control for Vision | Dawn Myers

3 pm | Self Leadership – Jen Slater

3:45 pm | Prayer and Ministry – Joleen Helbig

We will end these sessions with a light dinner (included with live event add-on cost)


It’s Going to be beautiful!

Let’s Grow Together